I started writing about Nintendo games at fourteen, learning HTML and hosting a games section is a friend's personal webpage account in 1995 when the Internet was still new and I was the one of the few in my class to even have access to it.   Through highschool, I wrote for Nintendojo, and later TendoBox/CloudChaser Nintendo.

During that time, I also freelanced writing content for IGN64, interviewed countless individuals and reviewed many games. The highlight  and culmination of my highschool hobby was attending E3 2000 as guests of Nintendo to their press conference and meeting Mr. Miyamoto himself.  I had my gold Legend of Zelda cartridge signed, naturally.

My most famous work was probably the 'Dirk' christmas animation.  A Christmas themed animated short set to Ray Charles' Spirit of Christmas with the TendoBox mascot Dirk driving home, recalling nostalgic memories of Christmas days spent playing newly opened Nintendo consoles and games.

Since early 2000, I have taken a hiatus from writing about games for websites as my University and career has taken me in other direction, though I remained passionately interested in Nintendo games and games in general.

This blog is my own personal space to voice my views and opinions on Nintendo, games and culture.

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