Sunday, August 28, 2005

Final Farewells

Today was my last official day in Final Fantasy XI. I finally told everyone that I was quitting and I gathered everyone who I could into Maat’s courtyard in Ru’Lude Gardens for a group photo and to give my final farewell. I thought it would be fitting that I would end my days in Final Fantasy XI in the presence of the non-player character who had challenged me to reach higher and go further than I had initially dreamed when I first signed into Final Fantasy XI in April of 2004.

Certainly, to say that I felt nothing would be a lie. The good byes were very sad for me, to the point of tears. The people who I had gathered were friends and players who I have known for the better part of a year and people who I had spent a considerable amount of time with in game. They are as close to being real buddies as the Internet and a virtual game world would allow. Every single one of them have meant something to me during my year in the game. They were the nicest most considerate persons and players I’ve had a chance to meet. They were all true adventurers and noble friends.

To Rushaz - Fellow TaruTaru White Mage and a great friend. You made my dream of getting a Noble’s Tunic possible. You made fighting the Gods in Sky fun, and you’re a great leader. Keep up the good work and I’m sure you’ll be a true legend in Seraph.

To Finebatch – From our first meeting in Garliage to our missions together, I don’t think I’ve spent more time with any other player in the game. You’re a great friend, and someone who kept me playing. I hope you become a high level White Mage someday.

To Yochipochi – My ‘smaller’ clone, and I’ll always remember you as the Subligar TaruTaru. Thanks for all the hours helping me camp Centurio and assorted Notorious Monsters.

To Zirk - Dia, the old Zirk wasn’t as good or as cheerful a person as you proved to be. You’re a great guy and always fun to be with. You’re efforts also made our attempts in sky go so much more smoothly. Take care!

To Vondoom – Thanks for being there every time you were needed, from the Zilart missions to Gods. I don’t think I would have cleared Sky was it not for your help during those days when Finebatch, Rushaz , Jubee and myself were desperately looking for people to help us finish the missions.

To Lilfro – Your 10,000 gil loan last year was extremely helpful to me and I will always remember your generosity. Take that summoner to 75.

To Jubee- Jubjub, you’re the greatest Paladin that I know. Being a true Paladin is as much about character and integrity than it is about HP or VIT. And you’ve always been there ready to take a hit for a mage. Keep on tanking.

To Runnshoot- Runn, you’re great. You’re always there to help with everything and you’ll be missed a lot. Has you been greedier and less loyal and jumped ship during our early days trying to do Gods, I think we’d have been set back for quite a bit and have had more failures than we did.

To Amancalledhero – Thanks for all the great chats we had. You’re the one person who can cheer up the LS chat and cheer me up when I’m feeling down.

To Hank- Keep nuking the Gods. I didn’t get to know you as well as the others, but the time we’ve been together in sky was fun and you’re always happy.

To Elrondel – All around great guy and friend. You made me a believer in Dark Knight’s usefulness in an EXP PT. Thanks for everything.

To Mr.Lonely – Enjoy the RSE 2 gloves. I know you’ll love it, or if you don’t I’m sure you can make use of the gil you get for selling it. Remember, “I’m so ronery…” =]

To Hotbutterfish – You’re one of my earliest friends in the game. When we met in the dunes, we were both looking for the magicked skull for our subjob quest. Competition was fierce and I’ve always felt guilty for winning the lot for that skull. Ever since, you’ve been a great friend, and thank you for tanking BCNM 40 for us.

To Belper – Always great, always trying to be better. You’re someone who doesn’t talk very much but I know is a good person and a good player behind the quiet exterior. I hope you take your White Mage to 75 as well.

To Xdarkslidex – I met you on my first trip to the dunes when I had to cure a party of 5 other players for the first time. You’ve been a great LS leader in our family shell and a great friend.

To Navyseal – Skill-ups, coffer key farming, and every little adventure I had for a better part of a year I’ve done with your help. Thanks for getting me my coffer keys and being a generous thief.

There’s too many people to mention so I’ll list off some names here because I don’t want to forget anyone: Cezel, Byteme, Danerys Jaaku, Jimbo, Heatherj, Itsybitsy, Blackice, Spellbinder, Damorielle, cutiepie, Myfanway, Ladypharsis, Angelkitty, Tragedy, Chek, Dremora & Shona.


Dekusutaa signing off…


Zachary said...

Later fool.


The Ronald said...

So you finally did it. I can only imagine how it felt looking at that very familiar screen for the last time. All your buddies whom you connected with strongly over the years will still be there but only in memory now. Well it's another chapter in your life so just flip the page and keep on trekking!