Saturday, September 17, 2005

Nobody Knows

Kore-eda Hirokazu’s Nobody Knows (Dare mo Shiranai) was officially released on DVD on the 13th of September. It will however undoubtedly miss the watch list of your average Best Buy DVD-Tuesday movie crowd.

Nobody Knows is a film about how a group of kids who deals with abandonment for six months and was filmed as a documentary-drama with a handy cam over the period of a year where Director /Writer Kore-eda followed a group of children acting out the fictional drama based on a real story.

The resulting product is a mercilessly realistic, heart warming and detached portrayal of the lives of these kids. What I liked the most about Nobody Knows is how the narrative is never the subject of editorializing by the director and the emotions are kept real. Under the hands of a mainstream Hollywood director, the saddest scenes would have required a symphony to describe the emotion to the viewer. I make this comment not so much as a rejection of that style of film making but as a compliment to the film’s quality and the skill of the direction that Kore-eda pulls off the right emotional responses without the need to so blatantly manipulate emotions.

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