Saturday, June 17, 2006

Fantasies are Never Final

... and blogs are never truly abandoned. A lot has happened since my last post but rather than bore people with accounts of the past, here are a few things on my mind at this point in time in no particular order and no particular significance. These are just things that I thought worthy enough to mention.

DSLite - I liked the original DS, but many people complained about the screen vis-à-vis what the PSP had and the bulk of the unit. The lite is less bulky compared to either the PSP or DS and has an even better screen than the PSP, with 4 brightness settings. Well, there’s still one thing people can moan about. The lack of texture filtering, not that its going to stop the next item in my list from looking like a million dollars.

Final Fantasy III – Awesome graphics, and old school RPG back in play. This is based on the original Final Fantasy III (not the III released in North America). The trailer released during E3 had a good mix of cinematics, in-game shots and an awesome musical score.

The trailer is awesome. Sale +1.

Oliver Stone’s World Trade Center - The trailer for World Trade Center had me chocked up. The cynic would say its propaganda or whatever. But you know, people actually died that day and a lot of them were regular ‘working folk’ who was doing their job and put themselves in danger to save other people, some of them were actually Canadians!

The trailer seems to follow the Hollywood formula for this kind of movies, sentimental, with a sappy theme that suits the long camera pans and slow motion shots of the main characters looking serious. Thanks to the power of computer graphics, the trailer already show in stunning detail, the New York skyline on September 11 2001, complete with a Zoolander billboard (LOL). What hit home for me is that unlike JFK or Nixon both of which chronicled events which occurred before I was born, this movie is about an event which occurred only a few years ago, in my young adulthood and it’s not quite the same movie as the other two. It’s more real and immediate to me.

Final Fantasy XI - I started this blog by quitting the game, but I returned to it soon after my final post last October. I’m still enjoying it, although I stick mostly to a few good friends as we work towards our desired items. I could elaborate but it would sound about as foreign to the uninitiated as Japanese did to Bill Murray’s character in Lost in Translation, so I won’t. Suffice to say, I recently came into an item I never thought I would own. It’s something that was too expensive and difficult for me to get in my two years playing as a White Mage. I finally got an Errant Cape: 9 Defence 30 mp -5 enmity 73 Lvl. Boo-yah!

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