Sunday, August 13, 2006

Temenos Liberator

The culmination of about a month and a half of work, and nearly five months of working together as a group was the fight against one of the harder ‘boss’ characters of the game, the Proto-Ultima Weapon.

Players who unlocked their access to Al Tieu will have fought a tough battle against Ultima and Omega back to back on the airship, but this Ultima is about five times harder and requires many more people (at level 75) to kill than the small party of six capped at level 60 for the airship version of Ultima.

The Proto-Ultima fight was also a bit of a ‘scary’ thing. All of us having fought it on the airship to gain ‘access’ to the new areas knew how tough it was back then and knew we had a challenge in our hands. As we spend the weeks collecting the chips to fight him on Temenos Central’s 4th floor, we were constantly reminded of how powerful it is. Proto-Ultima has a series of moves that can do massive damage to everyone in range, including a devastating ‘Citadel Buster’ move that will kill whoever he has enmity on as well as anyone else nearby. To survive everyone must exit the room as Ultima counted down, and the person with enmity is killed. With everyone safely out of range, the damage of limited to a few deaths rather than the entire group dying.

We designated today as our 1st Proto-Ultima ‘run’. No one, including myself expected to succeed, as failure is not uncommon and we may yet fail. However, today was not going to be a day of failures. Ater a tough hour-long battle and many deaths, Proto-Ultima was vanquished and we all earned the title of Temenos Liberator. Three lucky members also got parts of the vanquished Ultima, a pre-requisite for obtaining the mage oriented Nashira set of armor.

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